Save Time With Bookmarks

Do you have common data sets you evaluate within Metamarkets Explore on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Are there certain accounts you keep a closer eye on than others? Do you find yourself asking the same questions about your data over and over again?  If so, bookmarks are a perfect tool to save you time when using Explore.

A bookmark is a saved view of specific dimensions, metrics, and filters you have previously applied to your data that allow you to quickly revisit queries you have made in the past.

How It Works

Let’s say every morning you log into Explore to do a quick scan of all campaigns you currently have running in the United States to see how they are performing and whether any major changes have occurred in spend or within the bid landscape compared to yesterday. Since you apply the same filter and dimension sets every morning for this check, it would make sense to create a bookmark of this view by clicking on the bookmark icon on the top right of the screen. When clicking on the icon, a pop up window will appear that allows you to name this bookmark whatever you choose.

Then, when you login tomorrow morning, you would simply click on the bookmark dropdown tab at the top of the page and select the bookmark “Daily Campaign Overview” to bring up the saved view state without having to reapply the original filter or add in the desired dimensions. This gives you a bit of extra time to drill into the data instead of having to repetitively pull up the same information every morning.

When To Use Bookmarks

Specific Dimension Sets

The power of Explore resides in your ability to drill into many different dimensions sets simultaneously to ask specific questions. More often than not, each question you ask of your data typically requires 3 to 4 dimensional fields as a starting point in order to arrive at any type of conclusion. If you find yourself bringing up the same dimension fields on a regular basis to discover new inventory, maximize yield, optimize floor pricing, etc. you can benefit from creating a bookmark for each key use case.

Key Campaigns

Create a bookmark for each of your key campaigns that you want to keep a close eye on. If, for example, one of your accounts is running a two week campaign focused on mobile, you can create a bookmark with bid status, device type, device OS, average bid price, etc. that have already been filtered down for that campaigns data so that you can jump right into optimizing performance.

Quarterly Reviews

Instead of digging up the same information each quarter for your internal reviews, simply create a bookmark with the key data points you track each quarter to measure your department and business success over an extended period of time. When it comes time for your next quarter review, simply access your bookmark and update your report with the new data.

Everything In Between

There are hundreds of different ways you could use bookmarks to save you time when exploring your data. As a rule of thumb, the more complex your query is in terms of the amount of filters and dimensions applied to your data set, the more likely you’ll find a great benefit from utilizing a bookmark.