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Interview with Michael Driscoll, CEO, Metamarkets

The value that our technology provides for our clients is all-around transparency. When data gets big, it often gets difficult to make sense of – that’s true in every industry but especially in advertising and marketing. Metamarkets has spent the last several years developing a full-stack solution that allows the operators of programmatic marketplaces and buyers of programmatic inventory on those markets to get radical transparency into the trillions of impressions and billions of audiences that exist throughout the programmatic ecosystem… Read More

Beeswax & Four Partners Form New Adtech Platform Programmatic Cloud

Mike Driscoll, Metamarkets chief executive told The Drum: “Fundamentally, what’s exciting is that we both share the philosophy that the best systems are open, and we are a healthy, diverse ecosystem of players. Beeswax has emerged because it is not beholden to one supply channel.”… Read More

How Beeswax Brought Transparency To Programmatic

Beeswax clients using the programmatic cloud can turn on an integration with Metamarkets for campaign reporting at the auction and bid level, receive deep-learning algorithms from Cognitiv, integrate straight into the header with and turn on dynamic creative optimization with Spongecell, without needing to write the code themselves… Read More.

Cloud networking services at the forefront of Google’s latest push

That ability to plug in and keep consistency across regions is a major advantage, said Charles Allen, director of platform engineering at Metamarkets, a real-time analytics firm in San Francisco… Metamarkets has workloads in AWS and GCP, but has used GCP more heavily in the past four months, and Dedicated Interconnect was critical to that shift. “To maintain certain levels of security, all our compute resources need to access each other over private network space,” Allen said. “The only solution we had available that could solve these scale needs, the reliability and the private address space was Dedicated Interconnect.”… Read More

GCP releases private network direct connectivity option

The product is being marketed particularly towards companies with data and latency-sensitive services. Google uses the example of Metamarkets, a real-time analytics company, who claims that Dedicated Interconnect gave it higher reliability and throughput, with lower latency and costs… Read More

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