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Advertising data going forward: Transparency and scale

Mike Driscoll, CEO of Metamarkets, points out that marketing is being digitally transformed and marketers are following suite. Metamarkets is part of the Ad Tech wave, and its core business is to provide marketers with insights on their digital presence… Read More

Collaboration on KPIs; Transparency Can Drive Spend

A lack of data transparency is inhibiting the growth of programmatic media buying, finds research by Metamarkets. More than two-fifths (41%) of respondents agreed they would not significantly increase their programmatic budgets until there was better transparency around data… Read More

Study: Marketers Say Lack of Data Transparency Stunts Programmatic Growth

The findings of a new survey on industry transparency suggest that marketers are willing to increase digital media budgets if they can get more trustworthy data. In the study, conducted by Industry Index and commissioned by Metamarkets, 41% of respondents said they wouldn’t significantly increase their programmatic budgets until there was better transparency around data… Read More

Header Bidding Unleashed A Huge Infrastructure Problem And Ad Tech Will Either Sink Or Swim

“The supply side sees billions to tens of billions of impressions,” said Mike Driscoll, CEO of analytics company Metamarkets. “But when you get to the buy side, it’s tens to hundreds of billions a day in programmatic markets, which can see 500 billion unique requests a day.”

“If header bidding comes in and puts a multiplier on that, and requests go up two to three times, you’re talking trillions a day,” Driscoll added… Read More

The Machines Won’t Do It All: Why Programmatic Marketing Augments, Not Eliminates, Human Insights

Data-driven programmatic marketing doesn’t eliminate the need for human insights, it augments marketers and allows them to do what they do best, with incredible efficiency… Read More