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Cloud networking services at the forefront of Google’s latest push

That ability to plug in and keep consistency across regions is a major advantage, said Charles Allen, director of platform engineering at Metamarkets, a real-time analytics firm in San Francisco… Read More

GCP releases private network direct connectivity option

The product is being marketed particularly towards companies with data and latency-sensitive services. Google uses the example of Metamarkets, a real-time analytics company, who claims that Dedicated Interconnect gave it higher reliability and throughput, with lower latency and costs… Read More

Google enables faster, more secure cloud connections with Dedicated Interconnect

“Accessing GCP with high bandwidth, low latency, and consistent network connectivity is critical for our business objectives,” said Nhan Phan, vice president of engineering at Metamarkets… Read More

The Productivity Paradox Of Programmatic: How To Thrive While Transforming

Today’s digital marketing leaders are facing a Solow-esque predicament. Adtech firms promised that programmatic innovations would drive productivity gains to marketers, on both sides of the ROI equation… Read More

Google touts Titan security chip to market cloud services

Google uses Titan chips to protect the servers running its own services like search, Gmail and YouTube, and the company claims Titan has already driven sales. It points to Metamarkets, a real-time analytics firm, as a customer.. Read More