Give Your Buyers Deeper, Real-Time Insights Into Your Inventory

Don’t leave money on the table. Our inventory discovery solution provides a holistic and controlled view of your available inventory to buyers, helping drive increased spend on your exchange.

Provide Direct Access To Your Inventory

Help your buyers understand your inventory landscape without having to send an email or jump on a call. With real-time access to your available inventory, more spend can be committed to your exchange on a consistent basis by eliminating manual bottlenecks.

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Increase The Discovery Of New Opportunities

Make it easy for your buyers to understand when new inventory is added and available for purchase. By exposing new inventory to your buyers instantly, your exchange and publishing partners benefit from immediate increases in yield.

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Enable Campaign Optimization

Provide a clear understanding of key inventory performance metrics so your buyers can identify opportunities to increase spend on their campaigns when impressions are highest and inventory is best priced.

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Real-time insights into all of your programmatic data





Metamarkets allows us to really see if certain inventory is coming through our system at all and helps us debug issues with deal IDs, site IDs or placement IDs.

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