Provide Transparency Into Bid Activity

Our bid monitor solution gives your buyers a real-time view of their bid activity, enabling smarter bidding, improved campaign performance, and increased spend across your exchange.

Enable Smarter Bidding

Often times your buyers are bidding below the competition. We help your buyers increase bid and win rates with a real-time look at precisely what impressions they’re winning or losing, and why.

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Deliver Deal Transparency

Give your buyers granular insights into their campaign performance so they can identify opportunities for guaranteed revenue deals while also making sure current deals are running as forecasted.

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Empower Error Analysis

Help your buyers ensure their bidders are performing as expected on certain inventory and that they are not being blocked, timing out or seeing errors, or incurring significant spend leakage.

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Increase Bid Traffic

Show your buyers which audience segments they are winning the most business with so they can quickly increase bid volume and spend for similar audiences at similar bid prices.

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Real-time insights into all of your programmatic data





First and foremost, the value Metamarkets provides is processing all our bids and events data and crunching it down into specific views that can be easily understood by business users to get insights about their campaigns.

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