Optimize Performance With a Real-Time View Into Your Marketplace

Our marketplace monitor solution gives you real-time insights into the behavior of all transactions occurring within your exchange. By understanding your buyer and publisher behaviors through deeper insights, you can help both succeed.

Identify New Opportunities

Deliver more effective plans to your customers with a real time, panoramic view of the overall bid landscape that makes it easier to find new opportunities for both your buyers and publishers.

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Optimize Floors And Blocks

Know the opportunity cost of every transaction with a live view of the bid landscape. Understand floor prices of key campaigns in real time to help your publishers win more bids.

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Improve Campaign Performance

Monitor buys as they happen to immediately capture new opportunities. Guide buyers on bidding optimization strategies to compete for inventory.

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Maximize Yield And Fill

Reveal trends in bid behavior across apps, sites, formats, devices, and user attributes to optimize for specific campaign targets and key customer revenue goals.

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Real-time insights into all of your programmatic data





When we launch a new publisher, we’re immediately able to see what buyers are buying, the rates they’re paying and which buyers aren’t buying.

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