SaaS analytics infrastructure trusted by the world’s top programmatic ad companies

Stack diagram

Fast and flexible

Metamarkets’ technology stack is built end-to-end for speed, flexibility, and the power to handle huge volumes of programmatic ad data. Starfire, our real-time ingestion layer, ensures the data’s fresh by processing 100 million events per day. Records are then routed into Druid, our streaming, in-memory data store that queries of 10s of billions of data points with sub-second latency. On the front end: Facet, our exploratory interface, enables you to harness the power of all your data in a fast, intuitive way.

Reliable and secure

The world’s largest programmatic platforms depend on Metamarkets to safeguard Petabytes of data and ensure that it’s always available when they need it. Druid wasn’t created just for speed; it’s designed to scale seamlessly. And when there are hiccups, it’s built with redundancies to ensure service is never interrupted. This is why (thanks to our always-on-call tech ops team) we achieved 99.997% uptime for our clients in 2014. When it comes to security, Metamarkets employs strict SSL encryption, and our data control tools make it easy for you to permission specific data sets to individuals, teams, and companies.

Buy vs. build?

It’s a valid question, and if you weren't asking it you wouldn't be doing your job. Here’s the quick answer: You have better things to do. Spending years and millions of dollars on this amounts to reinventing the wheel, and in a space as competitive as this, your time is your greatest asset. Ask our clients, including the three that have most recently been acquired, (MoPub by Twitter, Bizo by LinkedIn, and Flurry by Yahoo) and they'll tell you that working with Metamarkets helped them grow faster than the competition and focus on their core business.

World-class support, every step of the way

Awesome support starts with an understanding of your business objectives. From day one, Metamarkets’ dedicated services and engineering teams will work with you on a plan to meet those goals and they’ll support you in every aspect of setup, configuration, and training. If you’re ready to get going, it’s likely you’ll be up-and-running somewhere between a few days and few weeks. Here are some of the things you can count on:

  • A dedicated account manager and implementation engineer
  • An efficient, stress-free onboarding process
  • A simple and readily accessible Client Library
  • Data ingestion based on IAB’s Open RTB Standard
  • Well-written documentation and specs
  • On-site and virtual training
  • Power-user events
  • Complementary pet-sitting (we’re almost not joking here)