Analytics for the programmatic era

Stack diagram

Fast and flexible

Metamarkets’ technology stack is built end-to-end for speed, flexibility, and the power to handle huge volumes of high-dimensional ad data. Starfire, our real-time ingestion layer, ensures the data’s fresh by processing 100 billion events per day. Records are then routed into Druid, our streaming, in-memory data store that queries of 10s of billions of data points with sub-second latency. Our exploratory interface puts all of this power at your fingertips, enabling you to pose questions in various ways, get answers immediately, and uncover insights that standard reporting systems can’t.

Reliable and secure

The world’s largest programmatic platforms depend on Metamarkets to safeguard petabytes of their data and ensure that it’s always available when they need it. Druid wasn’t created just for speed; it was designed to scale seamlessly. And when there are hiccups, it’s built with redundancies to ensure it's accessible. This is why we achieved 99.997% uptime for our clients in 2014. When it comes to security, Metamarkets employs strict SSL encryption, secure storage environments, and a variety of industry-standard processes to ensure your data remains safe and secure.


Point solutions are only as powerful as their ability to work together, and they're only as useful as their ability to satisfy your team's specific needs. That's why we've taken a SaaS approach in which our ingestion, processing, and visualization systems combine into a cohesive solution that maximizes efficiency and utility for programmatic leaders. In a space as competitive as this, time is your greatest asset. Ask our clients, and they'll tell you that working with Metamarkets helped them move more quickly than the competition by focusing on their core business and product roadmap.