Fast, easy access to your data

Get unprecedented access to your business data with the flexible and powerful Metamarkets API. We already provide the industry’s best interactive dashboards; now we offer fast, direct access for your systems, too.


Your data,
you need it

Use our proven data processing and storage technology to get the answers you need in API form. You no longer need to build and support your own high volume, real-time, reliable data pipeline—use our simple, flexible API instead.

Built on Standards

Use our JSON HTTP API to pull fresh data into any system

Stay Current

Our API provides real-time data just minutes after your events occur

Summarize Your Data

See your revenue, impressions, clicks, bids, or any other metric of interest

Create and Analyze Charts

Retrieve time-series data points showing your business over time

Filter Any Way You Like

Slice and dice your data with any combination of filters, across any data dimensions

Power Interactive Apps

Quickly build and release entire applications, powered directly by our API

Get started
in 1 minute

The API is simple to use, and follows common, sensible web standards to make it easy for you to build and release custom applications and reports.

Get a Key

If you are already a direct Metamarkets customer, talk to your account manager to get access to the API, create a key, and get started.

Customize Your Query

Create just the query you want, whether it’s to get a high-level business metric, an insightful trend-displaying chart, or a heavily filtered and customized table showing the detail in your data.

Make the Call

Use any language you like to request and receive your data. Build web apps that skip back-end dependencies with CORS, or pull processed data directly into your back-end systems.

your data

Connect your systems and applications to fresh, accurate, detailed data with the Metamarkets API.