Your Data,
Whenever You Need It

Use Connect to get the answers you need in API form.


Get unprecedented access to your business data with our flexible and powerful API.

Power Your Systems

Enhance your internal reporting systems by pulling data about your revenue, impressions, clicks, bids or any other metric needed to optimize campaigns.

Build Your Own Apps

Easily pull key pieces of data into your products to enhance or create custom reports that help your customers make fast and informed decisions.

Enhance Your Data Science

Give your data science teams a robust and reliable stream of programmatic data so they can focus on making decisions, not gathering and processing records.

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There are Hundreds of Ways to use Our API

To Name a Few…

Discrepancy Checking

Programmatically compare your internal data with a third party data source to identify discrepancies.
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Bidding Optimization

Connect your programmatic data directly to your bidding algorithms to ensure you are always bidding at the optimal price.
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Custom Reporting

Create your own custom reports for your clients that programatically update throughout the day.
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With the API, we’re now able to take the data out of Metamarkets and put it in the context that’s appropriate for a marketing manager using our product.

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