Mission control for your marketplace

Get the big picture, fast

Zoom effortlessly from top-line metrics to the specific accounts and factors driving them. Drill down to see what’s trending and why.

Seize every opportunity

Empower services and sales teams to quickly identify revenue-driving opportunities and debug issues costing you money.

Energize your ecosystem

Give buyers and sellers the confidence to do more business with you by securely issuing them live inventory and performance reports.

For Publisher Services

  • Maximize yield and fill

    Master the art of inventory merchandising by analyzing bid behavior across apps, sites, formats, devices, and user attributes. Reveal upsell and PMP opportunities.

  • Optimize floors and blocks

    Provide practical guidance to your clients on the costs/benefits of individual price floors, advertiser blocks, and category blocks, informed by a live view of the bid landscape.

  • Troubleshoot in real-time

    Prevent revenue leakage by quickly spotting integration errors and ad quality issues. This also helps you onboard and ramp your clients more quickly.

For Demand Services

  • Discover valuable inventory

    Streamline the inventory discovery process, making it easier for buyers to uncover what they’re looking for and take action.

  • Maximize campaign performance

    Provide real-time feedback to buyers on campaign performance and bidding optimization. Guide them on strategies to compete for inventory, and empower them with live, self-service reports.

  • Catch costly integration issues

    Instantly find and troubleshoot bidder integration issues, auction timeouts and other technical errors causing revenue to slip through the cracks.

Metamarkets helps us separate the signal from the noise in our data to drive better performance for our clients. It’s a critical advantage in a space where opportunities come and go in seconds.

Janae McDonough bio photo

Janae McDonough
VP, Twitter’s MoPub

Empower buyers and sellers with live reporting

Proven to drive incremental spending

In a recent study, 65% of surveyed buyers said they’re more likely to spend on exchanges that provide visibility through Metamarkets.
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The gold standard for programmatic reporting

More than 900 buyers and sellers worldwide receive inventory and performance reports powered by Metamarkets.

You control access

Self-service data permissioning makes it easy to create, issue, and revoke reports for specific people or companies.

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