Take your business to the next level

Metamarkets helps the world’s top programmatic companies turn mountains of auction data into revenue-driving insights. Our SaaS solution empowers faster, smarter decision-making across your teams, increased revenue and performance, and a stronger bottom line.

Designed for faster, smarter decision-making


Insights for all, no PhD required

Whether you’re an Account Manager or CEO, our intuitive, exploratory interface makes it easy to answer questions quickly and without relying on a data analyst.

Answers when it counts

Unlike standard reporting systems that deliver static results, Metamarkets’ streaming technology shows you what’s happening right now so you’ll capture every opportunity.

Built for the speed and scale of programmatic

Sub-second speed, petabyte scale

Our full-stack, SaaS solution ingests, processes, and visualizes more than 100 billion events every day with absolute minimal latency.

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Secure by design

SSL-encrypted transfers, secure storage environments, and self-service permissioning ensure your data’s always safe and in your control.

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To maximize speed, accuracy, and portability, our data processes are based on widely-accepted industry standards defined by ISO and the IAB’s Open RTB.

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Get up-and-running fast

  • Maximum speed to market

    Once we understand your business objectives, we’ll work with you on an integration plan. Most clients complete this in a few weeks. Along the way, we’ll support you with tools, expertise, and documentation.

  • Multiple data ingestion options

    Metamarkets’ technology works by ingesting real-time or batch feeds of your auction records with nested bid responses, impression records, and clicks. We then aggregate the data in our streaming datastore for lightning-fast visualization.

  • Common sense pricing

    Our fees are based on the volume and complexity of the data you send us, and the amount of data you want us to store in our databases. We’ll work with you to predict costs, maximize value, and manage fees.

  • Ongoing support and training

    To ensure your team gets the most from the platform, our dedicated support staff will be there to help you with issues. In addition, we conduct on-site and virtual training sessions.

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