Our Technology

Stack diagram

Streaming Ingestion

Starfire, our real-time data ingestion layer, is capable of processing millions of events per second.

In-Memory Storage

Druid, our in-memory data store, can query 10s of billions of records in under a second.

Dynamic Visualizations

Facet, our proprietary visualization framework, displays custom reports and alerts.

Speed at scale

Query speed is critical for real-time business analytics. Users want to ask questions, get answers and iterate as quickly as possible. This leads to the necessity of deeper data exploration and better understanding to support this fast turnaround of data.

Many tools are constrained by fixed hardware capacity. As data and usage increases, companies must acquire larger, more expensive, proprietary servers to maintain reasonable query performance. Metamarkets can quickly grow and shrink capacity on-demand horizontally across many cloud instances. This enables us to deliver sub-second response times on sophisticated queries whether data is measured in gigabytes, terabytes, or even petabytes.

Smart performance

At the center of the Metamarkets solution is Druid, a distributed, in-memory, columnar database. Druid enables us to deliver a dynamic, interactive user experience across billions of records with faster response times.

Druid is designed to operate in different configurations to optimize price for performance. New data can be stored in-memory while historical data can be memory-mapped. This way, recent data is always hot and ready to use, while historical data is available but at a lower cost.

Keeping it real-time

When other technology vendors talk about real-time access to new data, they typically mean one of two things:

  1. Data can be loaded immediately (to be processed later).
  2. Data can be processed immediately once loaded.

Usually, a client can access only one of these functions. At Metamarkets, clients can have both. Event data can be streamed live by aggregations and performing real-time calculations. If a client isn’t set up for the use of real-time data, Metamarkets’ client services can also support batches of data of any size and also help clients on board to real-time data use.

Our platform is ready for business

We’ve invested in our platform so our clients don’t have to. Metamarkets supports a big data solution in order to protect clients and provide them with the following:

  • Verification of data center capacity
  • Acquisition and provisioning of new hardware
  • Setup of a Hadoop cluster
  • Written data processing scripts
  • Installation of data warehousing appliances
  • Provision of complete performance tuning
  • Installation of desktop visualization tools
  • Management of patches and upgrades