Drawbridge case study

Metamarkets doesn't require all business users to be technically savvy in order to get access to their data, even if they need custom queries and reports.

Azad Jacobs Head of Business Operations

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On average, Drawbridge processes between 90-100 billion ad requests per day, or several trillion requests per month. That brings in very high volumes of data that need to be processed, stored and digested into easily understandable, actionable insights. To help analyze their big data, Drawbridge has turned to Metamarkets for increased visibility and powerful interactive analytics.

Download this success story to learn how Drawbridge was able to:

  • Gain value from Metamarkets processing all of their bids and events data and crunching it down into specific views
  • Deliver a transparent user experience to their SaaS customers so they better understand cost distribution and other insights around their campaigns
  • Save hours on reporting and optimization tasks by using Metamarkets to surface data more readily

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