Munging, Modeling and Visualizing Data with R

Yesterday evening Romy Misra from invited us to teach an introductory workshop to R for the San Francisco Data Mining meetup. Todd Holloway was kind enough to host the event at Trulia headquarters.

R can be a little daunting for beginners, so I wanted to give everyone a quick overview of its capabilities and enough material to get people started. Most importantly, the objective of this interactive session was to give everyone some time to try out some simple examples that would be useful in the future.

I hope everyone enjoyed learning some fun and easy ways to slice, model and visualize data, and that I piqued their interest enough to start exploring datasets on their own.

Thanks again to Romy and Todd for organizing, as well as Trulia and and O’Reilly Strata Conference for sponsoring this event.

As promised, I am posting the slides and the sample code below, so that everyone can try the examples for themselves.


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