Hadley Wickham & Joe Cheng of RStudio Return to BARUG

Last month, we were thrilled to host Dr. Hadley Wickham and Joe Cheng, creators of ggplot and Shiny, respectively, at the Metamarkets office for another session of the Bay Area UserR Group Meetup (BARUG).

Hadley introduced the crowd to dplyr, his new package that simplifies working with data frames in R, using a new verb syntax that allows users to express their data operations clearly and succinctly. Dplyr comes with several data backends, so R users can work transparently with data frames in R or SQL databases. Hadley’s slides that accompany the talk are available here.

Joe talked about some of the new reactive programming features in Shiny, and walked the audience through several demos that showed off how easy it is to build Shiny apps. You can learn more about Shiny here, the SuperZIP example from the talk is visible here, the source code is available here.

Thanks to both Hadley and Joe for spending their evening with us and for sharing their knowledge with members of the R community. Watch the full session below and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Photos courtesy of Gabriel Reyla
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