Interactive Analytics: How to Unleash the Power of Programmatic Data

There’s a technology revolution underway, and it’s already transforming whole industries. This time, it’s not about hardware or software — it’s about data.

Nowhere is the big data revolution happening faster than in digital marketing. While the financial industry forged the path to programmatic trading, today’s programmatic media marketplaces generate orders of magnitude more data. Each one of the 600 billion programmatic media transactions bought and sold every day generates rich, complex data about the related customer interaction. When put to use, this programmatic data can radically improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

At Metamarkets, it’s our mission to put data at our user’s fingertips so they can instantly see what’s happening in the business, discover trends, and take action. To further deliver on this mission, we’ve written a white paper to help marketers unleash the power of programmatic data through a new breed of analytics technology designed for the programmatic age: interactive analytics.

Download this white paper to discover:

  • What interactive analytics is all about and its three key features
  • How it differs from previous generations of analytics technologies
  • Examples of how interactive analytics improves campaign effectiveness
  • Real-world testimonials from industry leaders such as DoubleVerify, Dstillery, Inneractive and Magnetic.

Interactive analytics will change the way that marketers interact with data. It’s an entirely new way to manage campaigns and an approach that can keep your organization on top of the innovation in programmatic marketing.

If your success depends on getting the most leverage out of programmatic marketing, you deserve more. Download the report here to learn how you can put interactive analytics to work in your company to make every campaign dollar count.


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