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Metamarkets has given us a tool that's dynamic, flexible, and allows us to make informed decisions on the fly.

Todd Rosenberg VP Monetization, OpenX

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Premier Ad Exchange OpenX Uses Metamarkets to Drive Revenue for Digital Media Customers

OpenX is a global leader in digital and mobile advertising technology. The company offers services for supply side and demand side partners, to help connect publisher ad inventory to media buyers. Todd Rosenberg, OpenX’s Vice President, Monetization, says: “Our mission is to maximize ad revenue for digital media companies on any connected screen. OpenX solutions include the OpenX Ad Server, the OpenX Ad Exchange with SSP, and our OpenX Content Valuation technology. We operate one of the largest RTB enabled ad exchanges with over 250B monthly transactions flowing through the system.”

The Challenge: Robust, Real-Time Analytics for Revenue-Driving Decisions

OpenX is dedicated to optimizing revenues and performance for their customers. The key to achieving this is constant visibility into their marketplace activity: monitoring available inventory, bidding information, and buyer behavior. These high volumes of data come from a variety of sources which creates a major challenge to ingest and process with the needed speed to make intelligent decisions. “In our business, we want data and robust analytics that are as close to real time as possible,” says Rosenberg.

Equally challenging is to present the data in a way that can be easily used by a wide variety of OpenX internal audiences, from executives to account teams to operations managers. These different types of users also need tailored views into the data, reflecting different information relevant to their jobs. Executives require summarized views of how the entire business is performing. Client-facing teams want information relevant to their specific accounts. As Rosenberg points out, “We have two client-facing teams for each side of our business. Both the supply side and the demand side clients have a business development and an account management team.”

The Build vs. Buy Choice: Richer Insights for Less Time and Money

At first, OpenX attempted to build their own solution but this approach wasted valuable time while delivering suboptimal results. Jeddy Chen, Manager of Marketplace Strategy, observed, “Prior to Metamarkets, we built an internal dashboard and monitored market reporting ourselves. But with Metamarkets, we saved development time and got a tool that we could manipulate ourselves to get richer insights.” Rosenberg observes, “We made the decision to focus our resources on our client facing solutions while leveraging Metamarkets for internal analytic purposes.”

The Metamarkets Solution: Visual Analytics for the Entire Enterprise

Metamarkets worked with OpenX to connect its solution to OpenX’s data sources, and deliver access through intuitive, interactive dashboards tailored to each user. Says Rosenberg, “Our entire business team uses the tool one way or the other, including business intelligence, marketplace strategy, account management, business development, and senior level executives. Top-level executives and managers look at overall performance; account teams drill down to publisher performance.”

Using Metamarkets was easy for everyone in OpenX’s organization: “It’s a tool that doesn’t require you to write your own script in order to pull data. You can just click on what you want to see; it makes the data a lot easier to interact with. It’s highly visual, not technical,” observes Chen. Metamarkets continues to work with OpenX to evolve the implementation to meet their ongoing needs. Says Rosenberg, “Over time, Metamarkets has worked with us to make the product much more flexible so it can query different kinds of information and do custom reports… From my perspective, Metamarkets is a great partner to work with.”

Results: Operational Excellence, Informed Decisions on the Fly

Metamarkets’ solution has become key in OpenX’s customer responsiveness and operational excellence. As Rosenberg describes, “When we launch a new publisher, we’re immediately able to see what buyers are buying, the rates they’re paying, and which buyers aren’t buying. Because we can quickly see what’s working well, we can use those insights to drive optimization in concert with the client, to benefit an expanded partnership. We know if there are things we can change to drive even more value.” Chen adds, “Metamarkets allows us to avert some issues by catching them early – if we didn’t get something set up properly or if an advertiser suddenly stops buying altogether we can see it right away.”

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