Shining a Light on Lost Programmatic Revenue

As Maor Sadra, an executive at mobile SSP Inneractive put it, “Live data is the lifeblood of the programmatic ad business.” He’s right. Whether you’re an exchange, buyer or seller, competing in this space means thinking and acting in real-time, all the time. And that’s not easy.

Not only are programmatic spends jumping each year, but so is the amount (and complexity) of data behind them. Making sense of it all can feel like fumbling around in the dark. Sure, every so often a flash illuminates this part of your business or that―but there’s no sustained understanding, no way to see it all as it happens. So inevitably, you’re leaving money on the table.

Inneractive knows this first-hand. Maor recently told us that using Metamarkets’ real-time analytics drove a 120% increase in Inneractive’s revenues. You can read more about it in the full case study.

The results are impressive, but they’re not unique. Many clients come to us with similar problems and a healthy skepticism about how big of a difference our solution can make. The answer is: quite a big one.

As Maor said: “For Inneractive, using Metamarkets was like turning on the lights.”

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