Inneractive case study

Not only has Metamarkets paid for itself, but it’s helped Inneractive increase revenues by 120%.

Maor Sadra International Managing Director

Maor Sadra bio photo

Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Inneractive is the world’s fastest-growing mobile SSP. The company’s focus on performance and transparency has earned them strong partnerships with hundreds of the world’s leading mobile buyers and sellers. Metamarkets helped Inneractive increase their revenues by 120% through greater operational awareness and efficiency.

Download this success story to learn how Inneractive was able to:

  • See their entire business in one place and take immediate, revenue-driving actions
  • Address their business goals – real-time price floor optimization, diagnosis of auction errors, and distribution of avails and performance data
  • Come to a client with hard data, make the change, and prove within minutes that it’s made a difference

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