Inneractive case study

Not only has Metamarkets paid for itself, but it’s helped Inneractive increase revenues by 120%.

Maor Sadra International Managing Director

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Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Inneractive is the world’s fastest-growing mobile SSP. The company’s focus on performance and transparency has earned them strong partnerships with hundreds of the world’s leading mobile buyers and sellers. In 2014, Metamarkets helped Inneractive increase their revenues by 120% through greater operational awareness and efficiency.


“Inneractive is a programmatic ad stack providing mobile app publishers a solution for their monetization needs,” said Offer Yehudai, Inneractive’s President. “We deliver a full range functionality, including robust support for video, hyper-local, and in-app search ads. However, what really makes us different is our dedication to transparency for our clients and partners. It’s impossible to provide unprecedented support without first having a deep understanding of our own, internal operations.”

In 2013, as the company underwent enormous growth, Inneractive faced an influx of billions of data points and the technical challenge of making sense of them. “Our old reporting system was functional, but extremely basic,” said Maor Sadra, Inneractive’s International Managing Director. “This was hindering our growth, so we set out to explore alternatives.”


Inneractive met the Metamarkets team in early 2014 through an industry referral. After initial conversations, it was clear that the company would benefit from a unified analytics system with real-time capabilities. “Live data is the lifeblood of the programmatic advertising business,” said Sadra. “When serving our clients, the value often lies in helping them understand what’s happening this second, not last week or last month.”

Inneractive required real-time price floor optimization, the diagnosis of auction errors, and the distribution of avails and performance data. Metamarkets worked closely with Inneractive to build a system that directly addressed their business goals in order to identify when revenue was being left on table or slipping through the cracks for their clients. “I was initially skeptical that we’d be able to justify the money we spent on Metamarkets,” added Sadra. “We had to use it ‘hands-on’ to fully understand the ROI.”


“Not only has Metamarkets paid for itself, but it’s helped Inneractive increase revenues by 120%,” said Sadra. “Much of this was through the optimization of specific accounts. For example, we generated an incremental half a million dollars in revenue for one publisher by uncovering a buyer-side pixel tag implementation error. In another case, we helped a different publisher drive an additional $5,000 of revenue per day by lowering their price floor by 4 cents.”

“Metamarkets has changed the way our team operates,” continued Sadra. “We’re constantly uncovering new opportunities for our clients by sharing best practices from the C-level on down, and it’s also helped us move faster. In the past, we had to formulate a theory about how to improve a client’s performance, convince them of it, and then wait for the results. Now we can come to a client with hard data, make the change, and prove within minutes that it’s made a difference. There is no way we could do this without Metamarkets.”

“Metamarkets is a ‘crystal ball’ that helps us see our entire business in one place and take immediate, revenue-driving actions,” concluded Yehudai. “It’s like standing in the middle of a crowded public auction and knowing what everyone is thinking. I’m glad we didn’t waste our time and resources trying to build something similar. Metamarkets is an absolute necessity for anyone in the programmatic business.”

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