Druid Gets Open Source-ier Under the Apache License

In the process of building a SaaS solution for our clients, we’ve had to invent a handful of technology components that didn’t previously exist. One of these components is Druid, the streaming data store we’ve been operating, scaling, and building for the past three years. Today, Metamarkets runs a multi-thousand core Druid cluster that manages over 10 trillion events and ingests another 50 billion events daily.

Since we open sourced Druid in 2012, it’s become an emerging standard for exploratory analytics on massive data sets. Right now, more than a dozen companies use it across multiple business areas (ad tech, network analysis, operations, etc.) These organizations continue to invest in Druid because it’s fast, flexible, and well-suited to a world that’s exploding with time-stamped data points.

Today, we’re excited to start the next phase of Druid’s evolution: We’re moving it from a GPL open source license to the more commercially-friendly Apache 2 license. Our goal is to give companies even more freedom to build on the platform, and to foster an even more vibrant development community around the platform. We look forward to seeing (and contributing to) the incredible innovations in Druid’s future.

Check out GigaOm’s coverage of this news, and visit the druid blog for even more detail.

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