Interactive Analytics Blog Series: Self-Serve Reporting For Your Whole Team

How many people on your marketing team, including executives, would be able to make sense of your programmatic marketing data reports? Better yet, how many of those people would be able to recreate those reports on their own when they have questions?

Unfortunately, despite a rich set of advertising analytics available to marketers today, many insights that could drive critical business decisions never make it into the hands of those ultimately responsible for managing the success of a campaign or the overall budget. And even if they do spend time with reporting, many marketers aren’t able to explore beyond surface level of the data provided, because they don’t have the technical expertise required to quickly answer their own questions.

The good news is, at Metamarkets we’re committed to putting the power back in the hands of marketers with our interactive analytics dashboard.

With interactive analytics, programmatic data is no longer decipherable by just data scientists – anyone in an organization can and should have fresh data for their campaigns at their fingertips, instead of reserving that capability to a limited number of data scientists in the company. By providing an intuitive interface, interactive analytics turns each user into his or her own data scientist, with the power to explore all corners of the data.

One of Metamarkets’ clients, DoubleVerify, provides a great example of the power of self-serve. DoubleVerify authenticates the quality of digital media for the world’s largest brands. Since deploying Metamarkets, it has shifted from a centralized data analysis team to analysis responsibilities embedded in each account team. With interactive analytics at their disposal, people across the company are using more data more frequently. For example, COO Matt McLaughlin was recently able to conduct a histogram analysis on 200 million impression records to answer a question within five minutes, without involving anyone else on him team. It’s that level of access that is critical to success in the programmatic era.

How To Get Moving With Interactive Analytics

If you’d like to hear more about how Metamarkets interactive analytics platform can impact your bottom line, make sure to check out our first two posts in this series on data freshness and instant drill-downs. With the combination of Metamarkets’ powerful dashboards and the newly introduced Metamarkets API, which allows for building and delivering customized reporting on top of Metamarkets infrastructure, you can get instant access to fresh data that’s easy to understand and translate into revenue-driving insights.   

You can also download our full whitepaper on interactive analytics and connect with us here to learn more!