Benefits of a Full-Stack Solution

We have built our ingestion, processing, and in-memory storage engine out at scale specifically for high dimensionality advertising data. With this expertise we have perfected the infrastructure that allows you to visualize billions of daily programmatic events in seconds without having to maintain your own technology. What does that mean for our customers? An end to end solution that is powerful, fast, and reliable.

Technical Benefits of Our Full-Stack Solution

Real-Time Data Stream

Our customers gain insights into their events immediately after they occur. Event records are retained indefinitely so you have access to unify and call real-time and historical data at any time with minimal latency.

Lightning-Fast Queries

Our processing and storage engine provides sub-second data aggregation and the ability to query billions of rows of data. It is designed for multi-tenancy and to support real-time data navigation.

Petabyte Scale

Our clusters have scaled to petabytes of data that store trillions of events, ingesting millions of events every second. Our customers benefit from the collective scale, efficiency and speed of thousands of clusters.

Secure By Design

With strict SSL encryption, secure storage environments and a variety of other security layers, your data remains safe and secure. Since we built the process from end to end, we help our customers avoid security pitfalls associated with tying multiple systems and applications together.

Additional Benefits

Data Cleansing

We provide recommendations on standard dimensions so that you continuously extract the most value from your data without paying for unnecessary processing and storage. This includes cleaning data sets to remove unnecessary records and making sure you get started effectively with integrations.

Data Optimization

We work with you to make sure all incoming RTB data is formatted correctly based on our standards to ensure peak results. Our team is continuously combining multiple dimension fields into summarized dimensions to deliver the most value from your data without increasing storage costs.

Ongoing Maintenance

We troubleshoot and fix any noticeable breaks in incoming data streams while also continuously tuning your data pipelines to increase speed and effectiveness. Our platform team ensures the constant reliability and speed of your data.  

24/7 Monitoring

We keep a close eye on your data & all clusters to spot potential outages before wide spread issues occur. We are instantly alerted if it appears your data ingestion is broken so we can work with you to identify the root cause and help you fix the issue.