Nanigans case study

With the API, we’re now able to take the data out of Metamarkets and put it in the context that’s appropriate for a marketing manager using our product.

Craig Kelly Senior Product Manager

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Nanigans has made its mark on the advertising industry by building some of the best and most widely used advertising automation software available today. The Nanigans team actively uses Metamarkets interactive analytics dashboards to gain fast, easy access to their programmatic data. They love the data they could pull through the Metamarkets dashboards, but the real ROI turning point for them came with the introduction of the Metamarkets API.

With the launch of the Metamarkets API, Nanigans was able to:

  • Build and release custom applications and reports, using the data they already processed and stored with Metamarkets
  • Provide their marketing end users with data in a format that makes it easy for them to build, activate and optimize their ads
  • Reduce the need for costly infrastructure investments and ongoing maintenance requirements that took up valuable time and internal resources

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