New Ways to Access & Use the Metamarkets API

In 2016 we launched the Metamarkets API to give our customers the ability to query and pull data into their servers, as well as seamlessly build web applications directly on Metamarkets’ infrastructure.

On February 2, we will be taking the next big step by making the API available to all users (excluding guest users) within the Metamarkets dashboard. All current users will be able to utilize 1,000 queries per month through the API at no charge.

Uses for the Metamarkets API

The Metamarkets API allows you to quickly build and release custom applications and reports, leveraging data that has already been processed, structured, and stored for use in your existing Metamarkets application. While the Metamarkets dashboards are great for drilling into your data to find answers to questions, the API is the best way to pull your Metamarkets data into other systems and workflows that you and your customers use.

Inventory Discovery

If you’re a buyer planning a campaign, getting up-to-date information on the volume and prices of specific inventory is crucial to a successful campaign. With the Metamarkets API, you can pull out specific inventory fields that you typically investigate through Metamarkets into your other reporting systems or applications to help you make faster inventory purchasing decisions without the extra work.

Added Value to Your Customers

You likely invest heavily in building applications that your own customers enjoy on a daily basis. Keeping your customers in your application longer and delivering added value is a goal for all great products. With the Metamarkets API, you can pull key pieces of data from Metamarkets directly into your product to enhance or create reports that help your customers make faster, well-informed decisions.

Read how Nanigans is utilizing the Metamarkets API to power their product.

Discrepancy Checking

If you’re using your own applications to run your business, you are likely pulling in data from a variety of different sources both internally and externally. By using the Metamarkets API to pull, for example, total clicks or impressions for a given campaign into your reporting systems, you could programmatically compare your internal data to that of a third party. A discrepancy between the two numbers would quickly signify the need for some deeper investigation.

Data Analysis

If you have a data science team, time spent collecting and processing data can often far outweigh the actual time spent analyzing the data itself. With the Metamarkets API, your data science teams can have a fast, robust, and reliable stream of programmatic data at their fingertips, so that they can focus on making decisions to help you grow your business.

These are just a few of the hundreds of different ways you could be using the Metamarkets API. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how the Metamarkets API can help your business.

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