Update Your Bidding Algorithms Programmatically with the API

Recently we launched Connect, our API product, across our entire user base, giving all customers the ability to connect their current systems and applications to fresh, accurate and detailed programmatic marketing data. While new uses of the API continue to pop up every week, we have noticed a few creative uses of the API that are saving users time by streamlining common daily and weekly workflows.

Automating Billing Efforts

Most companies use some sort of CRM or billing tool to track revenue and automate the issuing of invoices. For those in the ad tech ecosystem, pricing boils down to a variety of different variables, with CPM typically being the most relevant. Through the Metamarkets API, we are seeing accounting teams pull relevant CPM data directly into their CRM/billing tools to help build invoices faster without having to email their account management teams for updates on specific metrics. Not only is this saving everyone time, but it’s also removing the hassle of having to enter data manually repeatedly across multiple systems and channels.

Updating Bidding Algorithms Programmatically

Nothing is worse than missing a great campaign opportunity due to poor bid pricing. Unfortunately, with so much data being processed at such a high rate, great opportunities can be missed all the time even with a team’s best effort. To combat this, some of our users are leveraging the API to pull key metrics into their bidding algorithms in order to change bid prices programmatically to capture more opportunities.

How does this work in practice? As an example, let’s say you want to launch a new campaign targeted at 320×50 ad sizes within the United States. Based on your team’s initial research for what price has worked successfully in the past for this specific ad size, you enter a bid price of 0.51. When the campaign is launched, the average price floor turns out to be 0.53 with the average bid being 0.55. By leveraging the Metamarkets API, users are pulling metrics like these directly into their bidding algorithms so that, in this example, the bid price can be raised programmatically just a few cents to win more bids without the need for manual adjustment.

These are just a few of the many ways companies are using Connect to make the most of their programmatic data. To get started with Metamarkets Connect, simply refer to our documentation to get up and running in minutes or, as always, feel free to contact us. Currently, every user is able to utilize 1,000 queries per month through the API at no additional charge.