Unlocking Granular Audience Level Data With Explore

We recently released our Transparency Opportunity Report, which highlights how a lack of data transparency in the programmatic advertising market is inhibiting the growth of media buying. From that study, audience targeting data was identified as one of the most important factors contributing to the overall transparency dilemma within programmatic marketing. What does this mean? Buyers, sellers, and brands are having a hard time understanding exactly who their campaigns are reaching at the granular level.

We have touched on many different ways Metamarkets Explore, our interactive analytics product, can help programmatic buyers and sellers do things like increase yield, discover inventory, and build more powerful products. However, audience segmenting is another powerful capability that can be utilized within Metamarkets Explore, to help deliver specific campaign metrics relating to granular audience details.

The Power of Drilling Into Audience Segments

Many companies in the programmatic space deliver insights into specific audience segments to buyers, sellers, and brands. However, while segments like “United States > 20-28 year olds > outdoor enthusiast”offer powerful audience targeting, marketers rarely have deep insight into granular performance. Currently, analyzing audience segments can be a tangled mess of spreadsheets and complex queries to see whether or not specific user targets are actually performing as planned.

While generic audience segments are a great baseline for measuring campaign performance, there are often many more levels of segmentation that can be investigated to help drive an even deeper level of strategic growth. With Metamarkets Explore, buyers and sellers can drill deeper into their campaign segmentation to understand and compare a wide range of audience focused dimensions, including: country, state, county, age, gender, device type, device carrier, device model, OS types, etc.



The ability to dive into granular audience data of a specific campaign and/or audience segment is not only what helps optimize that segment into a more target rich segment in the future,  but also provides deeper insights to your customers as to where exactly their money is reaching and the overall financial success of specifically targeted campaigns.

If giving your customers more granular audience data will help them optimize and improve their business, or provide a layer of validation for the DMPs they work with, we recommend sharing your Metamarkets Explore data through extending a custom audience segment focused dashboards or pulling out information through our API into your own products. Both efforts will undoubtedly add another layer of transparency and trust with your customers.

Interested in learning more about the programmatic transparency dilemma as whole? Download our newly released Transparency Opportunity Research Study commissioned by Industry Index.