Introducing Support for Native Programmatic Analytics

Note: On May 11th I’ll be leading a discussion about native programmatic at the IAB Marketplace event with Craig Atkinson, COO of PHD, and Oleg Korenfeld, SVP Ad Tech & Platforms of MediaVest. Hope to see you there.

Ads that are tailored to their surroundings are more memorable and engaging. It’s a simple idea, but making it work at scale takes a great deal of technical expertise. No one knows this better than our clients, many of whom are pioneers in the space where native, programmatic, and mobile are converging.

To help these companies stay ahead of the curve and deliver even greater value for their customers, we’re launching support for native advertising in Metamarkets. Native is more than a new format, it’s a new breed of format, and it requires an analytics solution built to handle its unique complexities.

By basing our solution on the IAB’s new OpenRTB standards, we’re ensuring our clients can extract structured insights across billions of native impressions, whether they’re optimizing various creative components or exploring pricing, audience, and viewability metrics. In addition, many exchanges are using Metamarkets to deliver live performance and avails reports to their buyers.

A few years ago, the term “native programmatic” seemed a contradiction in terms. Today it’s a reality, spurred in no small part by the efforts of our clients Avocarrot, Bidtellect, Millennial Media, MoPub, OpenX, Sharethrough and Vdopia. We’re proud to help them as they continue to shape native advertising’s future.

If you want more detail on this announcement, read the coverage in VentureBeat and in our press release.

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