Programmatic is 100 Times Bigger Than Wall Street

Today we announced our clients analyze over 100 Billion events per day through our platform. That’s more than 12 Trillion in Q3. It’s a number that’s testament not just to the strength of our technology, but to the growing opportunities and challenges of the space.

In just over five years, programmatic advertising has rapidly eclipsed Wall Street as the epicenter of big, fast data. Indeed, every day around 400 billion programmatic ad impressions are bought globally: that’s roughly 100 times the number of shares traded daily on the The New York Stock Exchange.

Programmatic isn’t just bigger in terms of volume, its data is also significantly more complex. The average stock trade carries around 10 fields of metadata (e.g. ticker symbol, bid price), while most programmatic impressions have 100 (e.g. device type, OS, advertiser ID, ad size, etc.)

In short, programmatic businesses are faced with an unprecedented technical challenge. It’s one thing to simply operate in this space, but to compete and win requires the ability to quickly extract actionable insights from massive data streams. (You can read more about true scale of programmatic and its implications in this recent interview.)

The good news is that the technology to make sense of all this information has finally caught up with the pace at which the data’s being created. Technologies such as Druid (which was created at Metamarkets and named by Yahoo as heir to their legendary data platform Hadoop), are at the cutting-edge of a new class of tools built for this high-speed world.

In the words of Janae McDonough, Senior Director of MoPub at Twitter, “Metamarkets helps us separate the signal from the noise in this data to drive better performance for our clients. It’s a critical advantage in a space where opportunities come and go in seconds.”

If you have any questions or you’d like to talk about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here. Also, you can read the press release if you’re into that sort of thing.

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