Enhancements to the Date Picker in Explore

Enhanced Date Picker in Explore

Interact with your data through custom date ranges and time zone selections

The ability to slice and dice your programmatic data is essential to the success of your analytics program. With this in mind, we have been busy rebuilding the foundational framework of the Explore Dashboard to allow for quicker development going forward. In addition to this back end effort, we were able to release many small feature updates simultaneously within the Explore Dashboard, including the addition of custom date ranges and time zone selections to the Date Picker.

Custom date ranges give you the ability to view your data over any time period without being constrained to specific pre-set time frames. We have enhanced this feature to now allow comparison of custom date ranges for primary and secondary time frames. For example, you can now compare Thursday and Friday’s worth of data to those of the same days in the previous week.

If you are headquartered in Los Angeles but would like to understand the auction volume behavior in a local time zone such as London, you can use the new time zone selector. You can toggle between time zones directly from Explore without having to manually change them in the user profile and company settings.

How Does It Work?

Custom Date Range Comparisons

Navigate to the Explore Dashboard and select “custom range” from the date picker dropdown. A calendar will appear allowing you to select both a start and end date. Click “Apply” and your data will update to reflect the custom range.

Customer Date Range

If you want to compare this custom date range to another custom range simply click the “compare to” option and select a date range from the comparison date picker drop down.

Compare Custom Date Ranges

Time Zone Selection

To change the time zone for which your data is displayed, click on the time zone dropdown. Once a time zone is selected, the Explore Dashboard data will update to reflect the selected time zone.


For more information and a full list of features that has been changed with this update visit the release notes. Have feedback? Let us know what you think at support@metamarkets.com.