Metamarkets Provides API for Direct Access to Advertising Data

Metamarkets Provides API for Direct Access to Advertising Data

Industry-Leading Marketers and Exchanges Turning to API to Build and Deliver Customized Reporting

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Metamarkets, the leader in interactive analytics for programmatic marketing, today announced general availability of the Metamarkets API, allowing clients to directly pull data into their own systems, as well as seamlessly build web applications directly on Metamarkets’ award-winning infrastructure.

The Metamarkets API, first introduced in beta to clients earlier this year, provides access to the same data already processed, structured and stored for Metamarkets dashboards, allowing users to create and share custom analytics reports and applications.

Programmatic marketers can use the Metamarkets API for a variety of applications, including but not limited to, discrepancy checking, billing, forecasting, bid floor analytics and summary reports. With the API, Metamarkets clients can even build web apps that avoid back-end dependencies altogether, using CORS to provide data directly into users’ browsers.

“We’ve seen incredible technology investments in automating the buying and selling of online advertising, but we’ve yet to see a solution that automates reporting with data analytics to the same standard,” said Metamarkets CEO Mike Driscoll. “Every company and marketer has different objectives and insights they hope to uncover, and with the introduction of our reporting API our clients can now quickly build applications and release interactive reports tailored precisely to their specifications, using the exact same trusted data and processing technology people already rely on from Metamarkets.”

“Metamarkets is already the most powerful tool we’ve used for deep-dives and analysis of our data, but when we’re delivering reports to an end-user or marketing manager we needed to put it in a context that they are familiar with,” said Richard Jose, Director of Engineering at Nanigans. “Adding the API has really simplified our lives. The API means we can eliminate the need to maintain our own complex, expensive software systems and can take all of this data from a multi-tenant platform engineered to handle large RTB data sets and present it in our own UI to give our clients reporting in a format customized just for them to understand.”

Metamarkets’ API, together with its interactive analytics dashboard, strongly support its mission to provide marketers with data at their fingertips. Additional benefits of the Metamarkets API include that it is:

  • Fresh: Pull real-time data, current within minutes, into any system
  • Instant: Query data about your revenue, impressions, clicks, bids or any other metric of interest, with no data plumbing required
  • Simple: The stateless API has been built so API developers will be able to quickly get up to speed and build new applications with their programmatic data
  • Flexible: Slice and dice your data with any combination of filters, across any data dimension, without arbitrary limits
  • Historical: Retrieve time-series data points showing your business over time, delivered through your own customized visualizations
  • Secure: Explore your data, or provide it easily to others, with full, granular control over permissions

The Metamarkets API is available to all direct clients and Metamarkets is offering the premium package, including 50,000 queries per month, for free until January 1, 2017. Fees will apply for additional queries beyond the included 50,000. To learn more about the new Metamarkets API and how to get started, please visit

About Metamarkets

Metamarkets is the leading provider of interactive analytics for programmatic marketing. Clients such as Twitter, AOL and LinkedIn use the Metamarkets platform to drive their business performance through intuitive access to real-time information. As an independent analytics software provider, Metamarkets gives its users the ability to see what’s happening in the media marketplaces where they operate and provides the high-speed processing power needed to gain a competitive edge. With offices in San Francisco and New York, Metamarkets is backed by Khosla Ventures, Data Collective, IA Ventures, and True Ventures. For more information, please visit