Radical Transparency for
Your Programmatic Data

Our interactive analytics tools put the full power of data navigation and visualization into the hands of marketers.


Let us Tell You Why, not What

Traditional analytics tools tell you what is happening in your marketplace with predetermined data sets. Metamarkets is the only interactive analytics platform that gives you real-time, ad-hoc access to the data that tells you insights such as why revenue is down, why your bid status changed or why a buyer’s spend has decreased.


Trusted by the World’s Leading Platforms: Exchanges, SSPs, DSPs & Networks

Metamarkets provides interactive analytics solutions that help the world's top programmatic marketplaces and buyers turn mountains of data into revenue driving insights.

Marketplace Monitor

Get real-time and transparent insights into the behavior of all transactions occurring within your exchange, building trust between partners and driving towards increased revenue goals.

Inventory Discovery

Provide a holistic and controlled view of your available inventory to buyers without having to send an email or jump on the phone, helping increase spend across your exchange.

Bid Monitor

Give your buyers a real-time view of their bid activity, enabling smarter bidding, increased transparency, reduced revenue leakage, and improved campaign performance.

Industry Recognition