Enhanced Support For Video Analytics

As an industry standard for interactive analytics in programmatic marketing, Metamarkets sees more than 100 billion programmatic events pass through its platform daily from top exchanges and buyers across the adtech ecosystem. With the growth of video content in programmatic media, we have noticed a massive rise in video events being processed through our platform over the course of the last 6 months.

To keep pace with this trend, we recently enhanced our metrics to even further support analytics on video content. Metamarkets Explore now gives marketers stronger insights into metrics like video completion rates, playback types, starts, skips, and durations to help both buyers and sellers optimize their customers’ video ad strategy.

For Publisher Services & Sales Teams

We discussed previously the ways publisher services teams can better optimize their accounts, but when it comes to video ads, every publisher has its own unique audiences that interact with video ads in completely different ways. Understanding nuances, like the length of an ad view from a pre-roll vs. mid-roll or what types of video playback generate the most clicks, are critical for publishers to effectively price their inventory at a premium or not.

For example, let’s say you have a publisher experimenting with delivering ads in its videos by both pre-roll and mid-roll. By using Metamarkets Explore, you can understand exactly which method engaged the biggest audience by seeing which method generated the longest ad views and most clicks for specific video creatives. If pre-roll shows significantly higher results than mid-roll for specific creative types, then advising your publisher to do more pre-roll will likely generate more valuable inventory in the long term.

To take it a step deeper, let’s say you also want to help your publishing customers make better decisions when it comes to their creatives. By using Metamarkets Explore you can see what video creative lengths generated the most engagement across specific demographics of audiences.

In the example above, we can clearly see that a for a 30 second creative that included a 15 second skip generated the most engagement and click throughs for people between 18-24 years old. By giving your publishers these types of insights, you can add a tremendous amount of value on how they approach making their next creative targeted at this same demographic. A creative that’s built to better optimize ad success is not only a benefit for their audience, but also adds a premium for the ad space.

For Demand Teams & DSPS

Assuming you are already using Metamarkets Explore to better optimize your customers’ campaigns, you can also now take your campaign optimization a step deeper and provide value to brand and agency partners with better insights into the video ads they are creating. By giving exposure to key video ad areas such as completion rates, views and ad length, your agency and brand partners can produce more targeted video ads that generate more clicks and optimize spending.

Let’s say, for example, a video campaign targeted at all ages in the United States just ended and you want to provide specific reporting details around the video ad itself. By leveraging Metamarkets Explore, you can dive into the interactive analytics of the campaign to understand what length of video ad led to the most ad completions and clicks.

In the example above, I can see that 15 & 30 second ads generated the most completions as well as the highest amount of clicks, while 45 & 60 second ads generated the opposite effect. By sharing this information with your brand and agency partners, you’ll help them better understand where to invest resources when creating ads targeted at similar audiences in the future. In this case, more investment towards 15 or 30 second ads would be best.

With these types of granular insights, both buyers and sellers of video ads will not only generate more revenue from their ads, they’ll also create better viewing experiences that are mutually beneficial for their audiences. If you are a current Metamarkets customer and have questions about the video dimensions listed on your dashboard, please contact your technical account manager.