Monitoring Key Changes In Revenue with Alerts

A few weeks ago we introduced some pretty big updates to our alerting feature within Metamarkets Explore. With the rise in adoption, we have noticed some specific trends within the types of alerts being created from thousands of different users. Although there are certainly hundreds of ways you can use alerts, it is clear that alerts based on revenue and volume metrics are a standout across the board, and should be a recommended best practice.

Types of Revenue Based Alerts

Premium Publisher Volume

Your premium publishers are what keep the bids coming in on a regular basis. By setting an alert tracking changes in total requests, your team can know precisely when, and by how much, a particular publisher dropped in the volume of ad calls being sent. Did something go wrong with the integration? Did you change positions in the publisher’s waterfall? No matter what the cause, an alert allows you to start investigating to ensure your top publishers continue to maximize yield.

To set this alert, select “Requests” from the conditions drop down menu in the alerts window pop-up.

Revenue from Key Buying Partners

With bidding algorithms and complex technical architectures constantly evolving, it’s vital to monitor the number one metric your business cares about – revenue. Alerts give you peace of mind knowing that your revenue volumes have a constant set of eyes on them, without having to check in on your data every hour, to make sure revenue is stable. If you receive an alert indicating there has been a 5% drop in total revenue at any given time, you can start solving the underlying issue before more money is potentially lost.

To set this alert, select “Revenue” from the conditions drop down menu in the alerts window pop-up.

Campaign Monitoring

When it comes to real-time optimization, it’s critical to monitor the metrics your agency and brand partners value the most from their campaigns, and, more specifically, the conversions you get paid on. The two campaign metrics we see being used the most within alerts are conversions and clicks, with both being set to alert if minimum daily thresholds are not being met. By avoiding the manual checks on these campaign KPI’s through an alert, you can spend more of you day discovering better inventory and growing your business.

To set this alert, select “clicks” and/or “conversions” from the conditions drop down menu in the alerts window pop-up.

We recommend all users set up a handful of alerts for key revenue impacting accounts. To get started, simply follow our how to video.