Beeswax case study

Our clients see transparency as extremely important - Metamarkets plays a key role in boosting transparency that really completes our offer.

Ari Paparo CEO and Founder

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Beeswax was built to solve one of the industry’s most pressing challenges: building an RTB bidder. As Beeswax has grown to work with the industry’s most sophisticated media buying companies, one of the key elements to their success has been its integration with Metamarkets to provide customers with the transparency and control they need to understand and act on the enormous volume of data generated by programmatic advertising.

Download this success story to learn how Beeswax was able to:

  • See if certain inventory is coming through the system and debug issues with deal IDs, site IDs or placement IDs.
  • Understand where inventory is, but also how they can forecast it for the sake of pricing deals.
  • Provide their clients with as much data as they want – that includes everything they see or bid on and the prices they pay.

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