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Metamarkets has earned us massive savings...our partnership with them has resulted in improved business operations.

James Green CEO

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Magnetic is a pioneer in search retargeting, a powerful way to reach consumers with display ads based on what they’re searching for. Fortune 100 brands rely on Magnetic to help them extend their marketing efforts to vast groups of these highly-motivated consumers. James Green, Magnetic’s CEO, explains, “Search retargeting yields higher ROI than demographic, psychographic or behavioral targeting because you can reach people who have specifically indicated that they are searching for what you sell.”

The effectiveness of Magnetic’s offering has led to a rapid growth in their business, which has required them to process and understand increasingly large datasets. To do this efficiently while continuing to innovate in their core product area, the company partnered with Metamarkets to power their analytics.


One of the ways Magnetic maximizes reach for their clients is by building detailed audience segments. The company is one of the industry’s largest aggregators of search and intent data, processing billions of events on monthly basis. “When dealing with data at these volumes,” said Green, “it is critical to have a tool that can maintain a high degree of speed regardless of what you throw at it.”

Soo Jin Oh, Magnetic’s VP of Operations, added, “Before Metamarkets, integrating data was a cumbersome process and required a great deal of effort. The amount of manual work simply didn’t scale and often resulted in discrepancies.” Green and his executives had to decide whether to embark on an upgrade of their current system or to work with one or more external partners.

“We had lengthy internal debates about this,” said Green. “We were initially convinced that analytics and reporting was simply too strategic to outsource. But looking at the costs of development and maintenance—especially with our rapid growth—it became clear that we should consider other options.”


“In our search for something that met the full spectrum of our needs, we found a variety of point solutions, but none were as turnkey or powerful as Metamarkets. The Metamarkets stack allowed us to remain focused on serving our clients instead of undertaking a huge initiative to build and connect disparate pieces of software.”

The Metamarkets’ client services team worked with Magnetic to understand their business objectives across the organization— including the executive team, operations, account management, and finance. Metamarkets’ data engineers then integrated Magnetic’s data feeds, mapping them to those business objectives and configuring reports and visualizations accordingly.


Equipped with a real-time, panoramic view of their business, the Magnetic team spent considerably less time pulling reports and more time identifying opportunities for their clients. “With Metamarkets, we can see our data through a clear lens, which produces greater results for our clients and more efficiency across our business,” said Oh. “Our business is built on real-time data so it’s crucial that all of our information is properly organized and immediately available to multiple departments within Magnetic.”

Louis D’Angelo, Magnetic’s Director of Ad Operations, noted that Metamarkets was quickly adopted across the company. “Metamarkets is much more than a simple reporting tool—our ad ops team uses it to monitor campaigns, account managers use it for wrap-up reports, and our finance team uses it to keep tabs on revenue and margins.”

“Metamarkets has earned us massive savings,” concluded Green. “It’s clear that our partnership with them has resulted in improved business operations.”

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