The #1 Tip For Winning Over Your Buyers: Streamlining Inventory Discovery

There’s a ton of uncertainty involved in the process of planning programmatic campaigns. Exchanges want to know that they’ll be able to hit their buyer’s target metrics while staying within a certain budget – but how confident can you possibly be of the end result? The amount of available inventory for a given target audience is constantly changing, and basic reporting processes often take hours or days to deliver feedback on how a campaign is performing.

To be sure, you could build models based on historical average prices to get a sense for what your buyer’s campaign inventory might look like. But the only one way to guarantee those campaigns stay on track is to keep constant tabs on inventory availability throughout the process, from the planning stage until the end of the campaign.

That’s one of the core benefits of interactive analytics, like what you’ll get with Metamarkets Explore – we’re constantly working to improve our product to make it easier for exchanges and their buyers to understand when new programmatic inventory is added and available for purchase. By exposing new inventory to buyers instantly, exchanges and publishing partners benefit from immediate increases in yield. Our updated alerts feature is a great example of how we’re making this data sharing easier for users – instead of manually searching for the latest inventory availability changes, many leading exchanges have set up alerts to immediately notify them of significant changes that expose buyers to better inventory.

Giving your buyers direct access to your inventory has several other benefits for your buyers, namely:

  • The ability to better plan for new campaigns with inventory they might not have known ever existed. Make sure to read our previous blog post on inventory discovery that covers this in detail.
  • The ability to optimize campaigns mid-flight that may have new inventory available based on successful/non-successful audience metrics. We’ll have more to share on this topic in our blog post next week.

Determining inventory avails with a variety of campaign parameters can be time consuming, but only if you allow it to be. If you’re looking for more information on how to make the most of your campaigns with interactive analytics, contact us via the information below to get a look at the latest features available to you with Metamarkets Explore.