How To Help Your Buyers Discover Available Inventory

Before utilizing Metamarkets Explore, most exchanges had to send inventory availability spreadsheets to their buyers on a monthly basis. By extending our dashboards to your buyers, you make it easy for buyers to see how much inventory is available for their target parameters, what price they can expect to pay, and how it performs over time. Enabling this type of transparency to your buyers allows them to properly plan their programmatic campaigns and commit to budgets with confidence.

Let’s say a buyer was curious about inventory available with the following parameters:

Ad Size: 320 x 50   Country: US & UK    Device Model: iPhones

In a few simple clicks you can quickly determine the audience size in the past week is 339 million uniques, with 10.7 billion available auctions. The Avg Winning Bid is 1.94, but on average these impressions transact at 0.55. In general there is reasonable demand with an average bid depth of 1.35. Finally, you can see the inventory has a 0.60% click through, which is well above the industry standard.

Now let’s say a buyer only wants to target apps with high CTR – you could quickly jump over to the facet table view and use the weighted sort feature to eliminate low volume apps. Then, you can send this app/site list off to your buyer so they can properly optimize for their next campaigns.

There’s often a significant amount of inventory from exchanges that nobody bids on. There could be a number of reasons why, but this presents an interesting opportunity for buyers. A quick way to figure out what inventory wasn’t bid on is to filter by “auction outcome” with “no bids”.


You can quickly see there’s a lot of inventory without competitive demand, allowing any buyer to be the sole bidder and perhaps pay a discounted CPM if they decide there is opportunity to utilize this inventory for a campaign.

After you have decided what views of your inventory data you want to share with specific buyers on your exchange, be sure to either issue out a dashboard view or schedule a report of your inventory data to your buyers so that they can proactively spend more on your exchange without having to email back and forth inventory details.

We know how important it is to help buyers easily discover inventory, so we’re committed to further evolving our product to make it even more intuitive and easy to use. Interested in joining future alpha or beta programs? Register here to be the first to know about new products.