Tips for Optimizing Your Active Campaigns

In a recent post, we discussed a few examples of why providing your buyers access to your inventory through Metamarkets Explore can help them discover new opportunities. But what about when a campaign is in mid-flight? Providing access to data visualizations that clearly show your inventory throughout a campaign can be the difference between a successful campaign and one that drastically misses expectations.

Some of our customers tweak their campaigns across more than 20 dimensions at once – they don’t need to write any new queries or wait for results; they can instantly evaluate inventory on an ad hoc basis when dimensions change and act quickly on that information to maximize their ROI. Even with alerts in place, there are always going to be reasons to shift some aspect of the campaign mid-flight to tweak the audience type along any number of parameters.

For example, let’s say you have had a campaign running for two days and want to make sure it is reaching expectations. With our inventory discovery solution, you can instantly click into your campaign to see how many bids you are winning and the total number of clicks and impressions those bids are delivering.

When this campaign was initially planned there was a lot of available inventory targeting the Health and Fitness audience (the target audience of this campaign) at around 85 cents, but after two days the volume of bids won isn’t meeting expectations. By clicking on the target segment you can see most winning bids are now going for a dollar or more, which means bumping up the bid price by 15 cents has potential to win more bids for the inventory desired.

What if you are price constrained and can’t bump your bid price to match the new average bid amount? By clicking into your desired inventory price point range, you can identify other audience categories with higher inventory amounts. In this case, the Arts and Entertainment segment is another applicable target I would like to hit with this campaign and I can work with my exchange partners directly to get the scope of my campaign changed on the fly to target a new audience and inventory.

Examples like these are the best way to provide a clear understanding of key inventory performance metrics – if you take advantage of these metrics, you’ll help buyers identify opportunities to increase spending on their campaigns at the points where impressions are highest and inventory is at its best price. It’s a win win!

For more information on how to utilize interactive analytics to understand your inventory availability, feel free to contact us for a demo of the latest capabilities with Metamarkets Explore.