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make better decisions in real-time.

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Metamarkets Dashboard

Real Time Bidding deserves real time insights

Metamarkets provides buyers and sellers of programmatic ads with a unified, real-time view of their businesses. It's a complete analytics solution: a SaaS platform that's built for rapid deployment and optimized to help you identify key opportunities and trends.

We designed the Metamarkets interface so it's easy for everyone in your organization to use. Plus, we made every report shareable so you can collaborate with your colleagues and provide secure reports to your clients and partners.

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Metamarkets is made for:


  • Ensuring optimal performance of media buys, delivering to an ideal audience.
  • Analyzing and adjusting bidding strategy in real-time.
  • Monitoring campaigns to track goals, improve media planning and take immediate action to identify a problem and quickly build the appropriate solution.


  • Providing real-time analytics for real-time transactions.
  • Supplying critical check-ins on the heartbeat of real-time auctions with instant access to top-line metrics.
  • Equipping customers with the data necessary to optimize floor prices, improving bid depth, advice on inventory pricing and much more.


  • Measuring and monitoring ad inventory quality across multiple sites and formats.
  • Evaluating placement performance over time to adjust tactics accordingly.
  • Learning and identifying devices, demographics, channels and content that are the most profitable to optimize monetization of inventory.