The Numbers Are In: Programmatic Video is on the Rise

As an industry standard for interactive analytics in programmatic marketing, Metamarkets sees more than 200 billion programmatic events pass through its platform daily from top exchanges and buyers across the adtech ecosystem.

Until recently, mobile and display data held a dominant share of the events analyzed in Metamarkets dashboards. However, in a clear illustration of the growth of video content in programmatic media, that data is starting to shift more and more toward video events.

Last month the Metamarkets platform hit an all-time apex for video events – in only 30 days, we processed and visualized nearly 560 billion monthly video events, compared with about 100 billion events in the same month one year earlier – that’s 460 percent more events on video campaigns year-over-year. We’ve also seen an 80 percent increase in the number of ad exchanges partnering with Metamarkets to analyze their video data over the same time, but most of the increase can be attributed to the increasingly larger investments in programmatic video content across digital marketing.

It comes as no surprise that marketers are increasingly investing in understanding the data that reveals where their best opportunities are for success. After all, we regularly see buyer spending increase by 20 to 30 percent in the months following use of the Metamarkets platform across mobile, video and display content to create revenue-driving insights on programmatic data.   

But the rapid growth of video shown by these numbers is significant, and it is critical that programmatic analytics keep up with the ever-evolving standards and specifications to enable companies to understand their large quantities of programmatic video data.

In anticipation of this steadily increasing focus on programmatic video, Metamarkets continuously enhances its set of metrics available for video customers. In a recent blog post we highlighted how Metamarkets Explore now gives marketers stronger insights on metrics like video completion rates, protocols, starts, and durations to determine what types of video ad formats are resonating with different audiences.

Additionally, customers looking to expand their video campaigns to support new video standards like OpenRTB 2.5 and VPAID, or specifications like VAST 3.0, will find that Metamarkets can apply interactive analytics to any of the latest formats to help optimize revenue of programmatic video ads in real-time.

Leveraging our platform for video data is already paying off for our customers. At ONE by AOL, Metamarkets has enabled their video-focused programmatic team to better optimize its demand partners and increase client spending by providing insights that their other data and analytics methods couldn’t uncover. Read more about their story here.

If you’re looking to make the most of your video campaigns, we invite you to join the trend! Get in touch with us to discuss your programmatic analytics needs or visit to learn more about what you can do with Metamarkets Explore.